Any agency can say they can do it all. And many of them do say it - we've yet to find anyone who can truly do it all, at least not to our standards. At 811 Productions, we know our strengths and limitations. We know video. We know how to shoot in the field and in the studio - and we know how to make it come alive with a solid edit and smart music choice.

The secret? Michael Patterson is both the director and editor. That means the the footage content is known going into the edit, as are insights from the clients. 

Meet Michael.


A native of Wisconsin, Michael pursued his dream to become a filmmaker in college, attending the acclaimed University of Iowa, focusing on film and dabbling in astro physics. He joined his roommate in Los Angeles to make it in the entertainment industry, working for a number of houses, including Sony Pictures and Harold Ramis.  Michael then left LA to start his own shop, 811 Productions.

Producing films for commission wasn't what Michael envisioned, but he quickly saw the challenge and payoffs of story telling in a different way - creating compelling videos to inspire customers, internal groups and the general public.

Choosing to focus on a low-overhead operation, Michael is able to tap into his extraordinary creative capabilities and artistic eye, and combine it with his obsession for delighting customers and over-delivering. Shooting on the RED Scarlet Dragon, Michael is able to be in the field and direct shoots while he films, and then take that insight to the editing suite. The result is faster timelines, more emotive story telling, less confusion, and happy clients. 

And if you have trail mix on set, you'll have an even happier Michael.

In his spare time, Michael spends time with his family, teaching his daughter Sydney about film and astronomy - and pampering the crap out of his foxhound, Allie.

Our Story

We almost hesitate to list equipment because that's like saying because you have Photoshop you are amazing at editing photos. It's just a tool. But it's part of what makes you great.

At 811 Productions, we shoot exclusively on the RED camera, which shoots at 5K, meaning the definition of the video is large enough to extract high-resolution images for stills. It also means the possibilities are limitless for editing. Well, while we know there are different disciplines in video and photo, we also are starting to have clients asking for a video shoot, that doubles as a photo shoot - extracting high-res images and saving costs.